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Fuzzed Up Bear

Fuzzed Up Bear WordPress eCommerce website

Full eCommerce development on a WordPress CMS using WooCommerce. PayPal payments, USPS API integration, product setup, custom design and setup, Twitter tweets, Facebook likes.

Tags: WordPress, WooCommerce, eCommerce, Website, Twitter, Facebook

Polygon Dropout Media

Client website and multi-player server

Polygon Dropout Media was creating a demo for a client with video chat. We choose OpenTok's WebRTC to deliver the video chat experience. Using Peer.js, we created a multiplayer server to connect the Flash games from browser to browser.

Tags: Website, HTML5, WebRTC, OpenTok, Peer.js, Architecture

Three Serpents

Three Serpents video game

A simple and addictive game for iPad of connecting the dice. Match similar dice together to create your three serpents. We concepted, designed, and developed.

Tags: iPad, Video Game, Design, Flash, ActionScript, Architecture

Just Cats

HTML5 canvas animation

Just Cats had a great Flash animation for their logo. But it wasn't mobile friendly. We recreated the logo in an HTML5 canvas and added in browser detection to serve the canvas animation for all browsers but fall back to the Flash animation in older browsers.

Tags: HTML5, Canvas, Animation


ESPN Return Man 3 video game

Mini Monster Media brought us in to upgrade ESPN's number one game Return Man. We did a complete upgrade from AS2 to AS3 taking great care to keep the feel of the original game intact. We then added features like the Uber Defender, the Stiff Arm special move and the fumble mechanic to make this the best Return Man game yet.

Tags: Video Game, Flash, ActionScript

Kraft Lunchables

Lunchables Cross Country video game

Luxurious Animals brought us in to develop the core engine for Kraft Lunchable's great American Cross Country video game. It's a continual runner game similar to hit games like Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt, and Robot Unicorn Attack. Play as one of four characters; Adventurer, Cowboy, Penguin, or Abraham Lincoln on three different American levels; Wild West, Great Plains, or Eastern Express. Collect powerups and stars.

Tags: Video Game, Flash, ActionScript


Huggies Hula Babies Facebook game

Huggies wanted an interactive social game to promote the launch of their Hawaiian themed daipers so Luxurious Animals brought us in to develop the Huggies Hula Babies Facebook game. For every hula baby players created Huggies donated enough diapers to care for a baby in need for one day. Players could upload a photo, take a photo, or use a photo from their Facebook profile and watch their baby dance in two different videos to Hawaiian themed music.

Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Game, Flash, ActionScript


The Flirt Game Facebook game

Stone Creek Entertainment and Blackburst Media brought us in to upgrade, and refine The Flirt Game Facebook video game. In The Flirt Game, players can see how well they match up with MTV cast members from Downtown Girls, The Real World, The Challenge, or their own Facebook friends on subjects like dating and etiquite. Create an avatar, purchase premium avatar clothing, single or multi player, synchronous or asynchronous, players can find their match. And yes, the MTV cast did actually answer the questions themselves.

Tags: Facebook, Game, Flash, ActionScript


Porsche Cayenne website

We came in to help Luxurious Animals finish the development of the Porsche Cayenne community website. Envisioned as a way for Porsche owners to communicate with other owners, the site hosts a photo album where members can share pictures of their car and post what they feel is the best aspect of owning a Porsche.

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript


Sundance website portal

We came in to help Luxurious Animals develop the Sundance corporate website portal. The site with a fun, interactive menu style that's out of this world.

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript

Blackburst Media

Skywords Facebook video game

We did a redesign on Blackburst Media's Facebook word search video game Skywords and help complete the development. Compete with your Facebook friends for the high score and achieve badges for special gameplay. New game lists added weekly.

Tags: Facebook, Video Game, Design, Flash, ActionScript


Skoal 75th Anniversary website

It's their 75th Anniversary and Skoal is giving away tons of prizes... as in 12 great prizes that together weigh a few tons! This is the new main flash module for the Skoal Brotherhood website. It has an interactive video player that feeds in multiple new videos every month, sortable by month and category. It has a ticker bar that scrolls new website highlights. And it has the prize section which shows each month's prize with details, images and links to videos. And each section is XML driven so it's easy to update all year round... which is what they need for this year-long bonanza!

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript


Trojan Evolve website

There's a sexual crisis in America and Trojan Condoms wants you to know about it! Videos, comedy, music, a tour. From Trojan Condom's own website, to Facebook, to MTV; Trojan Condoms' website components spread across three websites. And each component has tracking integrated into the Flash so Trojan knows when and where users are clicking on elements of their site.

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript

Asia Society

Asia Society Kids storybook widget

Asia Society was updating their website and wanted to give their kids section's storybooks an update too. They came to us to create a storybook component template that they could reuse again and again with whatever story they had to tell. This component is XML driven. Each page has its own imagery and text and can even have audio on each page. The background, border and all button elements can be changed for each unique storybook all controlled by the XML.

Tags: Storybook, Widget, Flash, ActionScript, Architecture

Eric Lynwood Curley

Eric Lynwood Curley website

Eric needed a new site for his expanding photography business. We agreed to work on his site under one condition... it had to be different then any other photo website on the internet. Working together we developed the portfolio box idea. "It's as if you walked into a client's office, opened your portfolio and spread your work out on their desk." This site is totally dynamic, pulling data from the XML file and populating on the fly. Eric can customize the portfolios any way he chooses, adding or subtracting images... creating or deleting multiple layers of nested portfolios... it's fully scaleable.

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript, Architecture

Mexican Wrestling Squirrels

Mexican Wrestling Squirrels website

Bruce and Alison had a problem. They designed a great looking site, but it was loading too slow and scaring away users. So they came to us for help. we were able to take their graphics heavy site and put it on a diet. Without losing any of the fun and creativity of the design, he was able to trim it down, speed it up and bring to life the animation inherent in the design. This past year when the site was updated, it was also upgraded to AS3 and put into a Gaia framework, makeing the load times even shorter and adding in deep linking navigation.

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript, Architecture


Masacva website

When fledgling fashion design company Masacva were just starting up, they needed a website that could compete with major fashion companies like Georgio Armani, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. Irina, a former model turned fashion and web designer, found the skills she needed in us. She had created the outline of their website in Illustrator. With only a few weeks to turn the job around in time for the release of their Spring 2008 collection, we were able to turn her designs into a website matching her exacting specifications.

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript, Architecture


Copenhagen rich media banner ads

Work description: Roll-over web banner development. Click on the link above to see the great animations and sounds of this roll-over banner.

Tags: Rich Media, Banner Ads, Flash, ActionScript


Skoal Pouches rich media banner ads

Work description: Roll-over web banner development. Click on the link above to see the great animations of this roll-over banner.

Tags: Rich Media, Banner Ads, Flash, ActionScript

Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer video player widget

Flash components talking to other Flash components in an HTML page? Who knew it could be done? But that's the 'essential' component to making the video player on this page work. Using Flash technology we were able to create Flash buttons that talked to the Flash video player to tell it which video to play next. And the video player also takes JavaScript commands from other parts of the site when moving from page to page.

Tags: Video Player, Widget, Flash, ActionScript

Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer promo widget

Work description: Website component development. Click on the link above to see the great animations of this component.

Tags: Widget, Flash, ActionScript

Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Cleaners banner ads

Work description: Web banner development. Click on the link above to see the great animations of these banners.

Tags: Banner Ads, Flash, ActionScript

Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter banner ads

Work description: Web banner development. Click on the link above to see the great animations of this banner.

Tags: Banner Ads, Flash, ActionScript

Tic Tac

Tic Tac website

When Merkley + Partners' lead coder went out for back surgery and with deadlines right around the corner, we came in to pick up the loose ends, debug the remaining issues and finish off development of the site.

Tags: Website, Flash, ActionScript